Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Salvador Dali Museum

also check out this fabulous online Dali Gallery
The whole website is an amazing Dali resource.

The exibit Revealing Dali included 4 sections. I spent most of my time in...

"God" - mostly classics, catholic Dali (bah) but of course amazingly done, and they included Profanation of the Host, yay!

"Perception" - his surrealist period, fun fun! My fav was 'Paranoia'?, but evidently I'm either remembering the name wrong or have no web searching skills because I can't find it anywhere... probably the former.

I was also drawn to a drawing of Leda and the Swan which I can't find anywhere either! If I do, I'll post it. It is a rather aggressive interpretation, perhaps a little too risque for the www? (sarcasm :-|)

and Suez ...death...

couldn't take pictures inside so here's the outside :-P

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