Sunday, March 27, 2005

If you were to...

choose a partner for The Amazing Race, who would you choose?

A tip of my hat to those of you who don't watch reality TV.

A brief description: The Amazing Race is a reality show that sends several pairs of people to different locations around the world. The first pair to reach the last destination first wins 1 million dollars. They are given air fare and a small amount of money, and often times within one country the means of travel is a task (such as herding llamas into a pen in exchange for a ride from the herders). They also eliminate pairs that check in last at certain locations along the way. So serious these people are and such bickering. *sigh*

Oh yes! I thought it would be fun to play the 'If' game whilst I'm traveling. Feel free to toss if questions back at me. You know you wanna play... 'tis fun! ;-)

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Shane Malcolm said...

Btw, no one can leave comments on this unless they have a membership. Go me for starting one.

Anyway, I'd obviously take you on that Great Race because I know that I would be able to stand having you alongside me, balancing each other an' all that. I'm aware that were the situation reversed you'd probably not pick me, but after watching the ridiculousness of that show the other night w/ Scott, with all the couples who are just lame, I personally think we'd make a good team. So HAH.