Friday, April 15, 2005


My son is playing a Lego Star Wars game. Obi-Wan's facial hair and cloak attached to the miniature, fingerless image of the little lego dude we all know and love. Hey, his light saber slides right in those 3D, c-shaped hands. "Sooo cute!" Why is that? Little things are always cute, especially to those of us with internal sex organs. Motherly instinct. Babies are compact. So are the new 8 oz cans of single serving sodas. Ya know, that's not a bad idea. Less half-consumed diet vanilla cokes sitting on random household surfaces. Diet cherry vanilla Dr Pepper, mmmmm. Those tiny, grinning, skeletonish jungle inhabitants in The Mummy Returns; little spears in little hands, their heads a bit too large for their bodies, wreaking havoc, killing everything in their path... they're cute too ;-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

gentleman, and ladies, she is officially off the market...

hippy, idealist, one who has lost touch with reality... call me what you will

Kelly Dawn Staley, resident of Earth, has graciously accepted Life's hand in marriage. The ceremony took place this evening in The Air of Epiphany. The reception began in a certain VW bus. Music was provided by Pink Floyd. It is set to continue indefinitely. Only dishonest entities should expect trouble finding a dance partner.

It is to be an unconditionally open union. Love, honor, connect, and engage. Till death do us transcend. New experience sought, mistakes encouraged, honesty embraced, vice & virtue blurred and pondered. Leashless (unless otherwise desired ;-), limitless, expectationless. Life holds exclusive 'mine' rights to his/her/it's bride, yet welcomes all who would connect, love, and share to do so enthusiastically and without caution. The couple's capacity for outward connection: boundless. Dedication to forthright communication: unmoving.

Comments, congrats, and complaints are welcomed with warm understanding below. Speak now, speak later, or speak never. Those who find themselves unable to attend will be missed, but understood.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Buddha is my co-pilot

can't pick one...

...sunset in Virginia

and besides you get to see one of the friendly trucks my bus loves so much

yummy corn fritters and chicken salad

the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, TN (one of the only diamonds in the commercialized rough)

the Smoky Mountains

spring hasn't quite sprung, but they were breath taking nonetheless

the lovely south...

didn't get many good pics but Boston, FL was a quaint, quiet, quality detour

not sure how accurate it is, but I came across this whilst double checking my spelling of quaint :-P enjoyed it... southernisms