Tuesday, April 12, 2005

gentleman, and ladies, she is officially off the market...

hippy, idealist, one who has lost touch with reality... call me what you will

Kelly Dawn Staley, resident of Earth, has graciously accepted Life's hand in marriage. The ceremony took place this evening in The Air of Epiphany. The reception began in a certain VW bus. Music was provided by Pink Floyd. It is set to continue indefinitely. Only dishonest entities should expect trouble finding a dance partner.

It is to be an unconditionally open union. Love, honor, connect, and engage. Till death do us transcend. New experience sought, mistakes encouraged, honesty embraced, vice & virtue blurred and pondered. Leashless (unless otherwise desired ;-), limitless, expectationless. Life holds exclusive 'mine' rights to his/her/it's bride, yet welcomes all who would connect, love, and share to do so enthusiastically and without caution. The couple's capacity for outward connection: boundless. Dedication to forthright communication: unmoving.

Comments, congrats, and complaints are welcomed with warm understanding below. Speak now, speak later, or speak never. Those who find themselves unable to attend will be missed, but understood.

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