Friday, September 10, 2004


Well, my mom turned out to be the first to comment on this blog stuff. She is a wonderful woman :-)

Ok, this is your "Mother" speaking. 2 positive and 2 negative.

Positive: #1: NICE, NICE writing

#2: Sharing your thoughts with others.

Negative: #1: nice writing until I got to f___. Turned me off, but I am your mother.

#2: concern about putting yourself out on the net. Photo, bio ( but not really personal, personal stuff)

Sharing my thoughts. Breathing beings rather than my anthropomorphized journal. Has potential.

Getting to the point... with absolutely no disrespect toward my mother's opinion... that F word.

You'd think I would've thought about what she'd think about that word. I didn't. I'm good at the whole thoughtless expression thing. Profanity? Where did we come up with that linguistic category? 'Tis a word. Sound waves traveling through the air, or in this case a few digitally imposed grey marks on a monitor - carefully placed in order to convey meaning to those who happen to view them. But what did I mean? A Mind Fuck ---> series of thoughts that lead one into a confusing, often circular mental state? Sounds good, but a little wordy. Hence, mind fuck. We all understand what it means, yes? So the 'F word' is being put to good use... effective communication. But, my mom's discomfort with its use is valid. It's a tiny piece of the etiquette structure developed within her during childhood. It is woven through the fabric of our culture. Then again, I am an example of the fraying, increasingly dissapated ends of that fabric. Catch a strand in your zipper and run ;-)

"Unfuck you!"

- George Carlin

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qdsblogmaster said...

Mom's, they're great aren't they :-) They're always there to keep you on the straight and narrow....sigh... becomes annoying after you hit your 16th birthday.